Purchase process


After the research and the visits, your choice is on dream property.
And now what's going on?
What are the steps until the keys are handed over?
And once owner, how do I do if I need to do work or maintain my garden or my pool?

Our job is not only to help you find your dream property, but also to assist you throughout the acquisition process and help you during your installation.

Obtaining an N.I.E.

N.I.E. is the "foreigner identification number" assigned by Spain to non-residents from the EU. The request is made to the Spanish consulate closest to you or to the Spanish embassy. Its cost per person is about 14 €. It is also possible to do it directly in Spain with the national police, but by appointment and it is sometimes difficult to get two appointments for a couple the same day.
This number is essential in all transactions (real estate purchase, opening of a bank account, telephone subscription, water, electricity, purchase of a vehicle, etc.).

We will give you all the steps and forms (links to both forms) to apply for N.I.E.

Opening a bank account

The quick opening of a bank account, whether you want to become a resident or a non-resident, is important for several reasons.
Spanish organizations and companies (electricity, water, taxes, etc.) operate by automatic debit and do not agree to do so on foreign accounts. For any subscription, you will be required to provide Spanish bank details.

We will assist you to open your bank account with english-speaking advisers.

Verification of the documents of the property

Spain has not made a specialty of real estate scams as many media and companies want to believe that they use to monetize their support services.
However, there are some things to check before buying:

  • that the property belongs to the seller,
  • there are no tenants,
  • that there is no right of preemption,
  • that there are no unpaid community charges over the last five years,
  • there are no tax debts (IBI, garbage tax, etc.),
  • registration in the property register and cadastre.

We take care of the verification of all the essential points for a secure purchase.

Signature of the sales agreement

When you have found the property of your dreams, you will sign a sales agreement called "compraventa". This contract contains all the information about the property, the sellers and the buyers. It also indicates the terms of the offer and will be validated with the payment of a deposit of 10% of the price of the property within the set time, usually 7 days.

Our specialized lawyer will write the contract of "compreventa" in Spanish with translations into the language of the sellers and the buyers.

Signature of the public deed

The authentic deed completes, validates, formalizes and authenticates the sale, certifying that the payment in its entirety has been made. It is "escritura" that is signed at the notary's. The role of the Spanish notary is twofold: it validates the payment of the property and deals with the transmission of information to the property register. The day of the signature you will leave from the notary with a "copia simple" of the punlic deed and the keys of your new property! Within 3 to 4 months, the notary will give you the original authentic deed accompanied by the certificate of the property register in your name.

Our specialized lawyer will accompany you to the notary and will translate and provide you with all the explanations on "escritura" and all the documents attached.

Amendment of contracts related to the property

Following the signing of the public deed, the different subscriptions and contracts (water, electricity, gas, co-ownership, etc.) will have to be modified.

Our management firm, "gestoria" will take care of all your changes with suppliers (water, electricity, telephone, gas, etc.).

Declaration to the tax services

The transfer of a property also requires declarations to the tax authorities for the payment of property tax (IBI) and possibly the tax of household waste (Basura).

Our management firm will be responsible for your declaration to the tax services.

Help with installation

Once you are the owner of your residence in Spain, you may need an internet subscription, Sat-television, find someone to maintain your pool or garden, a housekeeper or even a chimney sweep.

We will offer you the services of quality service providers, most of the time speaking english, to simplify your life during your installation.